Vegetables Spiral Slicer With Cleaning Brush



Spiral Slicer With Cleaning Brush. We are delighted to announce that Our Kitofin Spiral Vegetable Slicer spiralizer includes bonus items “Silicone Garlic Peeler”(Random Colour),“Cleaning Brush” and “Recipes E-book”. Vegetables are important part of everyday diet,should never be avoided. Julienne Vegetable Peeler shapes veggies into long spirals to make your meal eatable easily.
– Simply insert garlic cloves into silicone Garlic Peeler and roll it back and forth on counter top.- Your hands stay clean and free from the smell of garlic- Brush:Easy to clean the Spiral Slicer with brush, no mess and happy cleaning- Make salads and healthy foods within minutes so helps weight loss- Perfect for carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, long sweet potatoes, and so on- Can cut vegetables into helical filaments sheet and Spirals- Great kitchen gadget for whole family


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