Multifunctional Retro TV Shape Tissue Box Cosmetics Storage Case Phone Holder


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Romantic style tissue box holder, its an ideal solution to cover up the boring paper dispenser with a new and modern look, while also providing clean tissues for you to use.MAIN FEATURESNot just a tissue box. Combination of the tissue box cover, a laying Phone platform, and a stationery remote control storage box. It can hold your tissue, remotes, pens, smartphone, scissors, flashlights, and so on.Made of high-quality tactile PP and ABS. Its easy to wipe clean and touch well also. Features Nordic Style design, it will be a stylish and attractive decoration in your office and home.It has round corners, smoothly polished edges, and the surface has no burrs. It will not scratch your body.Suitable for restaurant, office, household, automotive, hotel room.


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